Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo Diary - Paris and Daydreams

"Paris'  holds the key to your Heart"

I've been dreaming constantly of travelling around the world.  I used to be complacent with things, and now I could say I've grown up. As a young woman in her 20's I just want to get up, get out and see the world. I always thought that things are ok, things are good now and I don't really need to ask for anything more, but actually, I do want more in my life. I want to Travel, Paint, Sing, Write and etc. After all, I'm not getting any younger, I'm old enough to do things on my own, be the person I want to be. so Paris, I'm coming for you soon. ♥

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid

Book release: April 2013 
Date Started: August 2 2013
Date Finished: August 5 2013

Publisher: Month9books 

Summary/ Description: 

              Quinn has been dealing with her brutal visions for months now. Ever since her dad let, everything in her life was in chaos. She's been seeing dark shadows creeping and feeding on her sorrows. What's worse is her long time boyfriend Jeff, her only refuge cheated on her. Quinn is lost, her grades are slipping and everything about her life is a total mess. The only person who seemed to understand what she's going through is Aaron. A mysterious classmate of hers with a dark past. Now that Quinn and Aaron are getting closer her visions become more violent, soon she starts to question her sanity. Knowing that she's the only person that could see them, will this endless turmoil ever stop?

Reaction/ Review:

          I have to be honest, I expected more from Quinn's character. She concentrated on things that shouldn't matter, she knew she had to deal with her problems in school, her visions and etc but the only thing she did was worry about her former lover. She was constantly haunted by demons for pity's sake! she might as well try to worry about herself not her ex boyfriend. I have to admit, it was quite exhausting that she kept crying out for Jeff, and so on and so forth. I wanted more out of Quinn. I hoped her to be strong about her situation.I didn't like the fact that boyfriends were more important than school. That was quite a low blow for me. Jeff and Kirsten was the least of her worries. She has demons to face! She constantly said she didn't want Aaron to be lead on, but the problem is, she did lead him on. That was very immature of Quinn. She got back with her ex - boyfriend and did things that she shouldn't Quinn was weak, and I was very disappointed with her. Aaron on the other hand, was a Knight and Shining armor, he was ready to fight for Quinn no matter what the consequences are, and I liked his devotion.Quinn was never really thankful for all the things that Aaron did for her, that really bothered me a lot. Aaron was desperate to be accepted, but he had the knowledge to cope from his problems, the man is suicidal! but he knew that killing himself once again was not the answer. He knew someone needed him more, and it was admirable. 

            The sequence of the story was very well written, it was smooth, kudos to the author for doing a great job in that aspect. I found the plot itself very interesting. I couldn't stop reading, I was glued to the story. Pretty Dark Nothing is in the league of horror of the horror genre, it was intense and utterly frightening, the description of the shadows/ demons was vivid and thorough. It reminded me of the book "The Devouring by Simon Holt" I have to say, it was indeed scary! I was very intrigued by Quinn's visions, does she have this unknown power? is she some sort of witch? There were so many questions that boggled my mind. The Shadows, was a great mix, of evil and eviller. They were vicious and haunting. It was another fresh story from all the "Dystopian and Vampire" books nowadays. From the moment I read the first chapter, I just couldn't stop and it kept me wanting more, The  book was full of mysteries from Quinn's troubled life, and for some reason I even thought Kirsten was the demon, anyway, the book was full of sick twists, and supernatural phenomena's its a kind of book that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The only problem was the main character's development. I hoped for more, and maybe things will be better, I can't wait for the next book.

Watch Pretty Dark Nothing and My sisters Reaper's book trailer!

Find out more about Month9Books Here:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Highlight - "Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare"





I have been following Cassandra Clare’s world of Shadowhunters for many years. I started with Clary Fray’s journey into becoming a Shadowhunter, to Teresa Gray’s mysterious origin of whom and what she really is. These book series have captured my heart. I have always been looking forward to every new instalment to their series, and it is no surprise that I have each and every one of it, from the City of Bones to City of lost Souls, Clockwork Angel to Clockwork Princess. I have been enamoured and beguiled by Cassandra Clare’s creation that somehow I fancy myself becoming a Shadowhunter, but we all know that fantasy is far from becoming true! Yet the kid in our hearts, we still look forward to a magical world that will help us escape our realities.

Plot/ Summary:
Tessa Gray has long been battling the past that keeps haunting her, Tessa has finally put herself to rest knowing that her problems are nearing the end. She’s about to get married to a wonderful man, Jem Carstairs and Tessa is supposed to be happy, although why isn’t she? Is it because of thought of hurting Will? Or is it because she knows that the darkness that Mortmain brings is because of her, what will happen now? How will they find him and when will they get him into justice. Tessa and the London institute is willing to fight him, but the newly appointed consul is doubting Mortmain’s plans. They debunk the London institutes claims of a revolution. And to their dismay, Mortmain has a bigger hold than they could imagine, he took all the medicine that keeps Jem alive. They are trapped in his plans so much more than they could imagine. As Tessa finds her true self by embracing her power, she unlocks the mystery that this must be or she must be the key to their salvation, but will this be enough to finally stop Mortmain?


The Infernal Devices are one of my favorite series of all time, next to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I guess I love the Victorian/Edwardian setting. Its more majestic and magical, I mean I already live in this age and those times it was all about glamour, beauty and craft. So book series from that decade rekindles the old lady in me. I have to say, I loved the book. The ending was a little unexpected but the story itself was gracefully done. There is not enough authors that create a fictional series that is truly original. Cassandra Clare is one of the many few that has created her very own story. Nowadays, book series consists of vampires, werewolves and dystopian copies from their originals. These were only one of the reasons why I consider the author a true creator. The book was full of suspense, I was even frightened at some parts because of the automatons, it had a vivid description of how monstrous they are. The fight scenes were incredible as well, this book was a roller coaster ride!

I was applauding Tessa for her ability to control her powers, she was and is one of the most powerful heroines of all time. I love that she was brave, she controlled herself to becoming the true Warlock/Shadowhunter that she is. She was so cool! but still I couldn't believe that this is the last book. I wanted more from this series.The character development was excellent, each and everyone of them finally grew up, even the dreaded Gabriel Lightwood. It was a mix of old and new, and that's what made this installment very special. 

In this last installment I found myself accepting Tessa's choice towards Jem's wedding proposal, it was a selfless act.She didn't say yes because she wanted to get back at Will, it was because Jem was the one who needed her the most, no matter how much she loved Will, she already gave Jem her word, and that is to be his, she didn't break her word, even if it would mean to hurt the man she truly loves. I for one found Jem selfish. He deliberately created misery among everyone in the institute. I know a lot of people would not agree with me on this, but I know for a fact Jem was better than that. He finished his Yin Fen and.. ooohh boy created a whole lot of chaos, truth be told Jem created his own demise, and I was truly disappointed, it was such a turn around for him, but at the same time I know the author had her reasons. On the other hand, Will Herondale was my favorite character in the whole book 3. He was wiser, he was more patient to sum it all up, Will Herondale grew up to be a great Shadowhunter. I loved his tenacity, and his passionate personality, he may be stubborn and cold, but Will is just misunderstood. Will Herondale is an exceptional protagonist. Just like Peeta Mellark, he will go his way just to save the person he loves. I for one believe that Will is one of the truest hero in fictional history. He was the epitome of the term "Knight and Shining Armor"

I saw the connection of the Infernal devices to the Mortal Instruments, it was very clever of Cassandra Clare, I think she's the George Lucas of books. haha. I read how interconnected each and every one of them are. Every character from the Mortal Instruments to the Infernal Devices, it was brilliant. I give this book a two thumbs up, even if the ending is not how I wanted but still, the book was amazeballs. I highly recommend this series to the Mortal Instruments fans, because the Infernal Devices will not disappoint.

“I am catastrophically in love with you.” 
 - Will Herondale

Any one else loving this series? If so, give me your thoughts about the ending! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Outfit Inspirations

As we all know summer is about to end in most parts of the world, and school is now about to start once again. Everyone has been buzzing around twitter and facebook asking what shall they wear, what outfit should they choose, which celeb should they get inspired from and etc. The first day of school outfit is crucial for any girl, may she be in Grade School, High School or even in College. We all want to look our best. I for one never truly got the chance to wear my  "First Day of School" look since I wore a uniform my whole life! I know its sucks but I made the most out of it by just having fun.

Here are 5 outfits I came up with using Polyvore for that special "First Day of School" blues


Skater skirts are officially a staple trend, its cute, its flattering and it's oh so easy to wear, just pair it with a graphic shirt or even a simple top the skirt itself will do the trick. I for one love this trend I own a couple of skater skirts and I still can't get enough! Its a perfect way to look a little dressy but not too much. It gives the right kind of girlishness to any top you throw on it!

Back to school outfit 1

Graphic tee
1,180 PHP -

Pilot red skirt
700 PHP -

Madewell white shoes
1,970 PHP -

Blue backpack
1,695 PHP -

Michael Kors chronograph watch
10,950 PHP -

Vera Wang floral perfume
2,145 PHP -


I personally love this outfit because of the Kimono - Cape, it gives a romantic vibe to the look. Since I am quite bohemian myself, I would definitely choose this over all the looks I created hehe, but anyway. Wearing Kimono's can be a little tricky, sometimes it creates a very seductive approach so its really up to you on how you wear it. In this look I paired it with a simple dress because the Kimono itself was already overwhelming. You wanna look classy, never trashy and just a little bit sassy!

Back to school outfit 2

Tucker strappy dress
5,030 PHP -

Alexander mcqueen cape
41,840 PHP -

Office tan booties
5,760 PHP -

Nine West fringe handbag
2,320 PHP -

Zoe Chicco black vintage jewelry
120,475 PHP -

Madewell vintage eyewear
2,170 PHP -


Another must - have item that has become a staple when it comes to clothing is the Camo - Jacket. I have become obsessed with finding the right color for myself. The camo - jacket creates a kind of toughness to any outfit and at the same time it gives a really fashionable appeal. The jacket itself is already quite loud so just a simple tee, shorts or jeans would do when you wear it!

Back to school Outfit 3

T By Alexander Wang v neck shirt
3,505 PHP -

Madewell light weight jacket
23,175 PHP -

Pull&Bear high rise jean shorts
1,355 PHP -

Jeffrey Campbell short boots
10,075 PHP -

Charlotte Russe snap bag
1,445 PHP -

Vanessa Mooney beaded strand necklace
6,835 PHP -


Wearing a beanie can sometimes be tough, especially if we want it to stay on our heads.When you wear a beanie, you have to make sure to keep the rest of your outfit light and simple, because just lie the camo  - jacket, this item itself is already a picker upper. It makes a statement of its own. So I chose to pair it with simple pieces such as the oversized tee and washed out jeans. Simple yet very fashionable.

Back to school Outfit 5

American Vintage white linen top
5,040 PHP -

Marc by Marc Jacobs blue jeans
12,050 PHP -

Strappy sandals
655 PHP -

Madewell drawstring bag
10,865 PHP -

Agent Ninetynine slouch beanie
800 PHP -

H M plastic eyeglass
405 PHP -


I created another skater skirt ensemble because like I said in Outfit # 1 pairing skater skirts is very easy. You can dress it down or up, its solely up to you. Its versatility is endless when it comes to mixing it up. So I strongly suggest for you guys to get yourself a solid color one to have numerous combinations with just one skirt.

Back to school Outfit 4

Longsleeve shirt
1,180 PHP -

Theory skirt
19,625 PHP -

Lucky Brand gray flat
3,460 PHP -

Mudd vintage denim backpack
1,315 PHP -

Michael Kors stainless steel bracelet
7,885 PHP -

Antique brass pendant

American Apparel bow hair accessory
440 PHP -

I hope you guys find this very helpful
 Comment below your favorite look! 
is it #1,2,3,4 or 5?

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Highlight - Notes from the Backseat by Jody Gehrman


Gwen Matson is not insecure, she was always confident about herself. She may be a little odd, especially when it comes to fashion. Never did Gwen question who she is as a person because for Gwen retro fashion is everything to her. The main key that defines her is Classy, a little sassy but all around sophisticated. She deems herself as a Jackie'O reincarnation. 

Yet there is always a catch to a little fox like Gwen, every relationship she ever had only lasts for 3 months, lets just say Gwen has commitment issues. After her father ran out on Gwen and her mother, no man can ever be truly trusted anymore, and now it seems like her very perfect relationship with a new man named Coop, is getting in between the lines of her 3 month relationship curse. Now that they're starting to get truly serious she's in woes of his Coop's fidelity epecially when he invites her to a friend's wedding up in Mendocino. Coop not only brings Gwen, but his ultra  - blonde, ultra - demonic yoga instructor best friend! Gwen couldn't help but be insecure. Now, she fears they're heading into a brink of a bad break - up! To help Gwen keep her sanity her best friend gives her the ultimate pick me upper, a journal to keep her thoughts away. Hoping this saves her relationship, Gwen embarks into a journey like no other. 

Thoughts & Reaction

I was wildly entertained by Jody Gehrman's book, I loved how it reminded me of "Sisterhood of the Travelling pants" meets "Princess Diaries" It was a kind of book I've been looking for, simple but makes total sense. Gwen was such a cool character, yes she's quite different, and she may look like she's living in a different era but that's what makes her incredible! her style is so 60's, Gwen showed so much love and devotion for Coop by being the bigger person by letting her anger go. I mean we all have those moments where get to be that green jealous monster when it comes to our boyfriends, especially if just like Gwen his psycho best friends are the ultimate babe! haha. I mean this book relates to any woman with insecurities, I have to say it is quite empowering as well. All the while Gwen was keeping her composure and much less not having urge to murder Dannika because truth be told if I was her, I must have pushed her off the cliff or something. 

I have to say I have a high regards for Coop, I mean all those years he never fell for Dannika's diabolical schemes, he deserves a big pat on the back! By the way has anyone else imagined Chris Hemsworth as Coop? if this was a movie he would be a total match for Coop's character! the handsome rugged look, muscular, tall with long hair ahh perfection <3 ok ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Notes from the Backseat would have to be one of my favorite books this year, it made me laugh, it made me cry it was an all around package! kudos to Ms. Jody Gehrman for creating such an awesome book. 

Have you read this novel? If not do check out the preview on Google books! check out the direct link below!

Sunday, August 11, 2013 Clothing Giveaway

Ahaishopping, a korean & street fashion women clothing online store, offering cheap women clothes, dresses, blouses, t shirts, suits, skirts, pants, bags, shoes, jewelries online, free shipping worldwide.

I stumbled upon this store by browsing on some of my favorite Fashion Bloggers sites, and I was immediately in love with it! I started picking out clothes, that I pegged for myself. 

Here are my top picks from the store:

I love this particular dress because of its lace detailing and style, its simple yet sophisticated! just pair it with a nice blazer or dress it down with a jean jacket, then for shoes heels for night or boots for the day to get the bohemian vibe. 

This top screams sweet and sophisticated, I like the clean detailing and simple mix of pattern colors, it doesn't really need too much buzz, pair it with shorts or a skirt will definitely make a difference with both looks. 

I love these cream shorts, I've always wanted one in this kind of cut. it just looks so clean and elegant, it kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift's look, and you guys know me I'm a Taylor Swift fan hehe :) 

The coat is just right kind of elegance and it kind of has a bohemian vibe as well, since its quite over - sized. It reminds me of a Kimono, so I'll definitely get this one for myself as well.

Aside for being Fashionable they offer a cheap alternative from other expensive brands but with the same expert quality. What I love about Ahaishopping is that there is no hassle, its free shipping worldwide and you can pay with either your credit card or paypal, its easy, simple and just world class.

The best thing about Ahaishopping as well is their  $9.99 section is it is free shipping worldwide, you don't need to worry about it whatsoever! it is stress free, this is just one of the many perks that shopping Ahaishopping has!

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